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Ozi boxes Is Renting Plastic Moving Boxes In Sydney

Oziboxes hires plastic moving boxes in Sydney Area for a minimum period of 2 weeks. One week for you to pack and One week for you to unpack. However you may rent Oziboxes for as long as you need them after the 2 weeks. You can also rent as many extra plastic moving boxes as you feel you need. All payments is paid in COD (Cash on delivery).

It's no secret that moving is stressful and a huge headache, from finding a new place to live and to settling in and everything in between. It is no fun. Moving your personal stuff from one place to another can be the biggest drag of all, more complicated and it’s definitely the least fun.

When you use Oziboxes, you actually save hours of strain and frustration. We show up when you need Oziboxes with clean & hygienic stackable plastic boxes, ready with moving Ozi-wheels to move your boxes, Zip ties to secure your boxes and labels, for easy organising. You pack them up quickly, close the attached lids, load in your vehicle, and drive away. When you have finished unpacking, in the new home, you email us to come pick up the oziboxes. You’re done! It’s that simple!

Make the smart move. Let Oziboxes lighten your load.


It Works Like This. It’s Really Simple


You order Oziboxes and we deliver when you need them clean & ready to pack


You pack Oziboxes and make your move.

Help Van

When you have unpacked and finished with Oziboxes we come and pick them up.

Why Use Ozi Boxes

Its Free |

Oziboxes comes with Free delivery , Free pickup, free Dolly, Security ties and Labels.

Its Cheaper |

Oziboxes is 30-50% cheaper than cardboard boxes.

Its Hygienic |

Boxes come to you hygienically clean & ready to pack.

No Taping |

Boxes need no taping and assembly.

Easy To Pack |

Boxes are Practical, Quick, Easy to pack and to move from A-B

Water Proof |

They are dust proof and water resistant.

Its Stronger |

They are stronger than card board and crush proof.

Its Environment friendly |

Oziboxes are environment friendly


Our Delivery Zone

WE DELIVER IN THE SYDNEY AREA 6 Days: Mon-Fri 7 am to 9 pm Sat 7 am - 11am

Oziboxes Delivery Zone is shaded in the map below. Free delivery applies with in a 35 kilometer radius from Oziboxes depot in Riverwood. A small fee is charged (from $15) for Deliveries outside the 35 kilometer radius, depending on the distance.

oziboxes map