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About Us

A Short History

Welcome and thank you for visiting.

Oziboxes Plastic Moving Boxes Hire began out of frustration of being on a Pension. Being on the pension and being home having nothing to do, day after day, month after month frustrated the hell out of me.

So,I started to look around at what an elderly person can do that won't be very stressful and can help a lots of people at the same time.

Then out of the blue a website came up that provided the Idea. Oziboxes Plastic Moving Boxes Hire was born in 2014.

We are a Sydney Based Business that is here to help make moving & packing for your move as simple and stress free as possible. Oziboxes Moving Boxes Hire, rents, delivers and pickup eco-friendly, lightweight, industrial grade plastic moving boxes as an alternative to the traditional cardboard moving box.

Whether it's a residential or commercial move, if you're moving yourself or hiring a professional mover, our reliable, rentable, durable plastic moving boxes will make your move easier on you and the environment!

We are here to serve you always! Jozsef Birges CEO

Our Mission

Is to make moving cost effective, easy, fast, & organized while reducing our carbon footprint by using recyclable green materials.

Oziboxes Plastic Moving Boxes Hire Provides FREE DELIVERY and PICKUP!

All you need to do is, simply call us or order online and we will drop your moving boxes right at your door. Clean and hygienic and ready to use. You can start packing straight away. And when you have moved we come and pick up. We made it very simple for you and cheaper than cardboard.

With Oziboxes Moving Boxes Hire there is no time wasting!

We understand that in this fast and complicated world. You don't have time to waste on cardboard boxes and packing. You can’t be standing around and wait for your boxes to be delivered. On your delivery day, we give you a 2 hour window and call you when we're on the way and if we are early or running behind time we will call you to let you know.

Oziboxes are Eco Friendly and OH & Safety friendly

We are eco-friendly. So you can say good bye to those flimsy cardboard boxes, and tapes. Our boxes are durable, water resistant, and stackable with closing lids lockable lids. Very safe for the environment and very safe for you to use. No more assembly of cardboard boxes and disposing of cardboard boxes. You are happy and the environment is happy.

OziBoxes learned to think out side the box

Because we deliver to you in small vans and not in fuel guzzling trucks we make a big savings on fuel. What does that mean for you? It simply means FREE DELIVERY & FREE PICKUP

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