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Oziboxes delivers "plastic moving boxes package deals" when you need them and picked up when you don’t.

We know, determining how many boxes you will need for your next move can be a challenge. Don't worry, we are here to help. We've put together package deal prices based on the number of bedrooms in your current home. If you think you are going to need more boxes simply contact our office and one of Oziboxes helpers will help you.

Choose the residential package that best suits your needs. You can always order extra if you need to.

Note: It’s is all way safer to order a couple of extra boxes & dolly’s just in case you need them.

"All Oziboxes are 72 litters in size"

Package Deals $99 $139 $199 $239 $269 $299
What is Included Studio 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms 5 Bedrooms
Ozi boxes 17 30 40 55 70 100
Includes free delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Includes Free pickup Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Includes Security Ties Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Includes Labels Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Includes Dolly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

For extra bedroom & larger homes please contact Oziboxes on our contact form "GET IN TOUCH WITH US" or "by phone"


Additional Weeks Rental Prices

For additional week rental, please select from below and enter a "number" of additional weeks you need in box

Studio Unit 1 bedroom Unit 2 bedroom Unit 3 bedroom Unit 4 bedroom Unit 5 bedroom Unit
$20.00 $30.00 $40.00 $55.00 $70.00 $99.00

OziBoxes Extra Orders Weekly

Order Required Enter Number
OziBoxes $4
Extra Ozibox Package Deal 10 boxes for (1 x 10 boxes = 1 order) $30
Dolly $15
3 x Dolly's (1 x 3 Dollys = 1 order) $20
Zip Ties $0.25ea
Labels $0.25ea
Extra Delivery $45
Extra Pickup $45

Free Delivery with every order

Free Zip Ties with every order

Free Labeling withevery order

Free Doley System with every order so you can move OziBoxes easly