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Terms & Conditions

These terms has the meaning as Oziboxes interprets them to be. If you do not understand you can contact Oziboxes so we can explain to you. If you do not agree with Oziboxes terms, then please do not use Oziboxes website or our services.

Oziboxes Plastic Moving Boxes from now on is referred to as Oziboxes, Our or We. The person who is hiring/renting is referred to from now on as Customer. By hiring from Oziboxes, the Customer accepts fully the Oziboxes Terms & Condition agreement below without conditions. Oziboxes website content and services are provided "AS IS" and on an "AS AVAILABLE" basis. To the extent permitted by law, Oziboxes excludes all representations and warranties (whether express or implied by law), including the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy. Oziboxes does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or performance of the website or any of the content and services. While we try to ensure that all functionality provided is correct, no responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of Oziboxes for any errors or inaccurate content on the website.

The Customer grants Oziboxes and employee, the right to enter the customers property at the said address (on invoice) for the delivery and the pick-up address to deliver and pick-up Boxes at the specified time. Customer shall only release the Boxes to an Oziboxes or a authorized Employees. The Customer agrees to keep the Boxes in his/her custody at all times and not to sublease, rent, or sell the Boxes. Boxes will remain in the possession of the Customer (Inside Premises) for the hire period agreed to in writing, is always the property of Oziboxes

Customer acknowledges that he/she has full care, custody, and control of the Boxes while the boxes are at the Customers location. Customer accepts responsibility and personally guarantees the Oziboxes and other products rented, for all loss or damage to the Boxes and other products on invoice. If the Boxes are damaged in any way or lost while in the customers possession, the Customer will be obligated to pay the full retail value of the box. Retail value of the boxes is set at $45 each. This also applies to any other equipment that the customer may hire from Oziboxes e.g., dolly's, trolleys, wardrobe boxes, etc.

Customer acknowledges that he/she has care, custody, and control of the Boxes and does not apply any permanent label or sticker that is not able to be removed easily without using heat or chemicals. In addition, no permanent markings on any area of the box is acceptable. If any rented box is marked permanently while in the Customers possession the Customer will be obligated to pay the full retail value of the box. Retail value of the boxes is set at $45 each. If the marking or labels can be removed an additional extra cleaning fee will apply. All rentals of boxes comes with a minimum cleaning fee of $25. Customer agrees to keep the Boxes clean at all times. If Customer does not keep Boxes clean and it is heavily soiled, then an additional cleaning fee will apply from $2.5 per box.

Customer acknowledges that he/she has care, custody, and control of 4 wheel dolly's and while the 4 wheel dolly's is at the Customers location. Customer accepts responsibility for all loss or damage to the 4 wheel dolly. If the 4 wheel dolly is damaged or lost while in the Customer possession the Customer will be obligated to pay the full retail value of the 4 wheel dolly. Retail value of the 4 wheel dolly's is set at $75.00 each.

Customer acknowledges that he/she has sole responsibility to schedule and be present at appointments for delivery and pickup of the Boxes. If the Customer does not give 24 hour notice to reschedule appointments there will be an additional cancellation fee or delivery fee applied in the amount of $50.00. If Customer on delivery day and pickup day is running late, then Customer must contact Oziboxes to let Oziboxes know of the situation. PLEASE NOTE: driver will wait 15 minutes if Customer is not present. Then leave area without notice and customer will need to reschedule another delivery/pickup for an extra fee. If Oziboxes driver is running late or early then Oziboxes driver will contact Customer and inform Customer about the situation.

As with any rental / hire business the customer acknowledges that he/she has to provide the following correct information.
Full name
Present address
New address - for picking up boxes
Mobile number
Drivers license and photo will be taken of license at time of delivery.

Credit card details (whether paying by cash or credit card) and that customer personally guarantees that, there are sufficient funds money) in credit card account to meet all payments to Oziboxes. Oziboxes fully guarantees that customer ‘s details will not be shared with any other party at any time according to the Privacy Act. The customer acknowledges that customer‘s credit card will be kept on file for the duration of the Rental Agreement and deleted after the end of the agreement. Customer acknowledges and authorizes Oziboxes to charge - customer‘s credit card - any amount associated with the invoice signed by the customer at delivery time, according to the oziboxes terms and conditions.

The Customer also acknowledges that all fees are paid COD (Cash ON Delivery). Customer needs to make sure that sufficient cash is available at delivery time and pickup time to meet all payment needs. Customer understands that there are extra fees associated with each hire agreement. Please note, Free Delivery means: Delivery at no charge to the front door. In apartments Front Door means your Lobby there after fees apply if you want driver to take to your level in building (except ground level). In house we can take inside at no charge except where there are stairs, a hill, or a long way away from house. The fees are 1) deposit of $75, 2) any toll charges on roads and or motor ways, 3) parking fees. 4) not being present at time of deliver/pickup $50. 5) Fuel charge $5 if fuel is over $135 liter. 6) Stairs and lift: 1beroom = $20, 2 Bedroom = $30, 3 Bedroom = $40, 4 bedroom = $60, 5 Bedroom = $75. Pickup is free with in a 30 killometers from our depot. There after a small fee applies. Any refunds due to oziboxes fault, will also be in cash or Via Pay Pal or deposit into customers bank account.

Customer acknowledges that he/she agree to indemnify and hold Oziboxes, Oziboxes officers, oziboxes Agents, and Oziboxes employees harmless from and against all liabilities, claims, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, cost and expense, including all legal fees, for all injuries or death of any person or damage to any property occurring or arising from or connected with directly or indirectly, customers possession, use and return of any the hired product(s).

The customer shall be in charge of the hired product(s) operation, and is fully responsible for its operation as well as the return of the product(s) in good working orders. Oziboxes and its officers, employees and agents are not responsible for injury occurring to the customer or to any other persons using the product(s), and the Customer further agrees to hold Oziboxes and its officers, employees and agents harmless against any injury or property claims. The Customer shall indemnify Oziboxes and its officers, employees and agents from/against any cost incurred due to claims from anyone and for legal fees and related costs involving the use and return of the product(s), should any legal action become necessary.

Customer agrees, that in the case, that customer does not pay for any of the damaged/lost hired products that customer willingly hired for a set period of time, that oziboxes will hand the matter to our legal department to recover amounts owing. All fees associated to recover fees owed to Oziboxes, is the responsibility of the customer. This the customer personally guarantees.

Customer acknowledges that he/she agrees with Oziboxes guarantee terms. They are as follows. "If you are unsatisfied for any reason, call us within 24 hours of your delivery. We will then pick up your boxes and give you a full refund via Cash". However if you have used the boxes and you have damaged them in any way then we will deduct damaged bills from your paid fees or deposit. If you have soiled the boxes then we will deduct cleaning fees from your fees paid or deposit.

By purchasing from Oziboxes. Oziboxes assumes that, customer has read and understand and accept the oziboxes terms and conditions fully. If you cannot understand anything in the terms and condition please contact us so we can explain it to you. Please note the meaning of our terms and condition is as Oziboxes understands them to be. So if you have any questions please contact us so we can explain.